Getting over my phobia

I have always had a fear of trains, since I can remember. So bad that even looking at one would freak me out. Also I couldn’t ever go near a train track, even the sight of them sent my heart racing.

I have never really wanted to get over my fear, I just avoided trains all my life and anything to do with them really. But as my children got older they wanted to go on trains and had school trips where they needed dropping off at the station (don’t get me started on platforms and how scary they were to me!!) So I decided to face my fear and seek help.

I wasn’t expecting much as my fear is so strong! But WOW. It has been done much more than calm me regarding trains. I find it hard getting off to sleep. The hypnotherapy CD I received was amazing. I listened to it each night and boy did I drift off loads quicker. The hypnotherapy sessions I had were so calm, and a real chance for some “me time”. Since the therapy I have been on Eurotunnel twice and took my daughter to the train station and waved her off from the platform with a huge grin on my face!


It was like a miracle

I had been in and out of counselling for a large part of my life because I was using my “reptilian” brain too much. I was withdrawn – didn’t see family or friends very often and felt very low. After treatment sessions I would frequently come away feeling worse than before so gave up.

However, I almost accidentally met the people at MTC Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and realised they did things completely differently. I was expecting to have to go over the things in my past – things that upset me….but they didn’t. Instead, they wanted to know what I wanted instead. To focus on looking forward. To look for positive things in my life. Initially I thought it was silly. I couldn’t think of anything positive in my life. However, bit by bit they enabled me to find small victories, which in turn led to bigger things until now… my life has totally changed. I am seeing my family more, meeting friends regularly and doing loads of things that I really enjoy.

So simple but it feels like a miracle.

Dyspraxia and Dyslexia

My 41 year old son has dyspraxia and dyslexia and because of these difficulties his self -esteem has always been very low. As he matured he learned to cope with these difficulties most of time but frustration with himself was hardest to manage. As life got busier this often turned into outrageous temper tantrums where he would lose control and often threaten to commit suicide. He has been on temper management courses but these have failed to help.

After a series of sessions with MTC Solution Focused Hypnotherapy he seems much more able to deal with his problem. He explained to me that they were able to teach him how to think more positively. This in turn seems to help him to stop and think before losing control. He is now much more able to predict a situation where he may become frustrated and thus avoid it. Thanks to MTC, my son’s life is much improved not only for him but for all of those closest to him.

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