Sleep problems

As anxiety increases in our lives, and this can be a gradual cumulative process that we may not initially be aware of, it causes us to spend more and more time in our primitive brain with the associated behaviours of depression, negativity, fear or anger which can become more and more difficult to cope with.

As a natural response to this our body tries to reduce the levels of anxiety during sleep. However, if there is too much to deal with this system becomes overwhelmed leading to either sudden waking at night and being unable to get back or needing to sleep more and more without feeling refreshed.

Here at MTC Hypnotherapy we use a 3 step approach to resolve this problem:.

Step 1 – Explain why things are as they are and how the brain works
Step 2 – Explain what you can do about it.
Step 3 – Help you start doing it.

Your initial assessment is free and all treatments are backed up with a free CD to help maintain and support the progress that you make.

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