Give up smoking

According to a the largest ever study of smoking cessation reported in The New Scientist, hypnotherapy is the most effective way of quitting. “Which” reported that of all the methods available to stop smoking, hypnotherapy was the most successful, and the only one without cravings, bad temper, no irritability or weight gain.

However, typically smokers are told (wrongly) by their subconscious mind that they are smokers; it relieves stress; it gets them through the day; gives them confidence. These are examples of how the mind can become wrongly programmed.

And we know that smoking is a major cause of mental and physical harm, and we also know that we have more control than we believe we have. We can give up when we go to bed, go into hospital or on long flights etc. With the help of hypnosis the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed so enabling us to do whatever we consciously want to do.

Smoking is far less common now than 30 years ago and people do give up. Research is also showing just how dangerous it is with 80% of all cancers caused by smoking.


Anti -smoking therapy is done in one session lasting up to 2 hours and costs £150.00. It includes a CD and no initial consultation is necessary.

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