Anger management

Anger is a normal response. It gives us courage and strength to defend ourselves at the right time. However, it can get out of control and take over at inappropriate times.

Our brain can be seen as two areas:

The intellectual part which makes decisions based on a full assessment of the situation and is balanced and positive. When we are working from this area we are optimistic, positive and are able to make the most of Life.

The primitive part. This has developed over thousands of years to help us survive in hostile environments. It is known as out “ fight/ flight/ depression area and it does what it says on the “tin”. If this area thinks we are faced with a danger / threat it will shut down the other area of the brain and take over. Depending on the situation it can make us want to run away, withdraw and feel depressed or FIGHT.

If we are spending too much of our time in this part of the brain, anger can become a “normal” response for us – even when it is not needed.

Here at MTC Hypnotherapy we use a 3 step approach to help you manage this anger response:

Step 1 – Explain why things are as they are and how the brain works
Step 2 – Explain what you can do about it.
Step 3 – Help you start doing it.

Your initial assessment is free and all treatments are backed up with a free CD to help maintain and support the progress that you make.

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